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A Salute to the Troops

Wednesday, March 24th, 2010
I am honored to have the privilege to tour across the Country saluting our troops with my song “Where Freedom Flies”. It is dedicated to my Uncle Michael Nagy, one of the last planes shot down in WWII, and all our brave who have ever sacrificed and continue to sacrifice to keep our flag flying at unreachable heights. It’s because of them, that we have the freedoms we enjoy, and for them, that we continue to fight for our freedom! My Uncle flew his last mission from the hulls of the USS Independence. Michael was a gunner in a Torpedo Bomber. He had flown his last mission, was on his way home, when his aircraft carrier crossed paths with the USS Independence which was short a torpedo bomber. Mike and his crew volunteered for one last mission, of which he never returned….
Because of my family ties to the USS Independence, I was asked to sing by the United States Navy for the commissioning of the new USS Independence LC2 on Jan. 16th, 2010, which was one of the greatest privileges of my music career. They asked me to sing in honor of my Uncle Michael Nagy, who flew his last mission from the USS Independence in WWII. I was honored to sing “The National Anthem” and my song, “Where Freedom Flies.” During this awe inspiring ceremony, I could feel the tears from all the years that my father and grandparents had experienced after their loss, and how proud they were now to bring this new ship, the USS Independence “to life” in honor of my Uncle. The Navy asked that I bring a picture of my Uncle for them to hang on the ship, so he could once again sail with her, since he and I are now both a part of her. It was a magical day, Heaven was smiling. It was like passing the torch from one generation to the next, life had come around full circle.
Red skies tonight, sailors delight Red skies tonight, sailors delight
Commanders and Diana
Commander Riley, Diana, Commander Renshaw

Commander Riley, Diana and the helicopter drone

Commander Riley, Diana and the helicopter drone